Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13)

  • Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13)
Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13) Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13)

Fairy Stone Pendant (item #13)



This gorgeously petite Fairy Stone has been sourced from Canada and has been crafted into a pendant by hand in Sterling Silver by Balinese and Javanese artisans . It is a beautiful representation of a Fairy Stone and you don't see these in pendant forms at this quality very often.

We chose our supplier because they meticulously handpick everyone of their crystals and gemstones (some of the best quality and unique pieces we have ever found) so we only see the cream of the cream.. (and I get to pick the best from their creations for you :) In an age where everything is mass produced in bulk, such an approach is rare. They, like us have a deep love and appreciation for crystals and the art, beauty and magick each individual stone possesses. 

Fairy Stones are wonderfully strange bulbous stones that are essentially clay, sand, and silt with other minerals that are consolidated by a limestone cement by glaciers. They have undergone pressure and different temperature conditions and are sculpted into rounded and random forms of abstract natural art. They are then deposited on the shores of rivers and lakes.

They have a randomness to them and in their randomness they vary in hardness, size, shape and are coloured from light to dark grey, making each stone unique, just as every human and every Faerie is unique .

Fairy Stone concretion forms an energetic link that resonates with the seasonal cycles, minerals, crystals, plant and animal kingdoms, earth fairies and devas. These carry a lot of nature spirit energy and are excellent for connecting at a very grounded level.

It was originally the indigenous Algonquians of North America who called these stones 'Fairy Stones'. It is a sacred stone to the Native American tribes found in Northern Quebec, Canada. 

Traditionally they were carried by hunters and fishermen to bring them luck and bounty from the earth and placed in the home to bring good fortune and at the same time to keep away malevolent spirits and bad luck.

Fairy Stones help us connect to the Mother Earth and all her energies, in doing so it is said to help with enhancing fertility. 

It is a stone of magick and good luck.   

This pendant is a one of a kind, precious hand crafted item and very special pendant for someone drawn to the magickal and unusual dimensional reality of the faerie realm.

The fairy stone is delicate as it has not got a very high hardness level and can be easily scratched and broken if dropped or mistreated.

This feminine and petite pendant size is 24mm x 14mm  (Please check the size with a ruler to see the true size as the close up photos do not give a true representation of the actual size)

It is approx. 7mm thick at the thickest point.

The stone has a hand crafted sterling silver base with sterling silver claws holding the stone in place.

The Fairy Stone is a truly unique and wonderful creation of mother earth and this pendant is an amazing representation of it.

If you would like any extra photos please send me a message and I will be happy to help you :)