We are a family run business from an outer suburb of Sydney in Australia, largely inspired by a life long fascination and love of the magick of nature, fairies, pixies, and beautiful crystals. Our home is full of little smiling (sometimes cheeky) characters, wonderful books, cards and fairy wings and our backyard is full of dragonflies, frogs, lizards, fairy houses, butterflies, possums, colourful birds (and the odd red belly black snake:).


Part of our story involves the birth of our beautiful daughter Olive and the heartbreaking still-birth of her twin sister Lily. Out of the deep sadness a dream was born, to create a little haven of things that bring us joy and to share this joy.

So Hello and Welcome friends, here is an eclectic collection of hand picked pieces we love, from creative artists and suppliers from overseas to our own backyard, inspired by Mother Earth and the Fae. Hopefully you will find some bits and bobs that make you smile and that you love too!

What we enjoy about fairies is the imaginative and magical places they take you and the joy that they bring. They tend to bring us closer to nature, learning about and appreciating the environment along the way. Faeries are usually fun, sometimes mischievous with an underlying care and kindness about them. When it comes to nature and that connection to Mother Earth there is that lovely nurturing energy that resides with them. It is all these elements we look for when selecting products for our daughter, our home, for gifts and for you via the store.

Thank you for taking the time to visit:-)
Please have a browse, feel free to reach out and we look forward to being of service to you..

With Kindness, Blessings and Sparkles!

Narelle, Todd and Olive x