"Monsters Go Away" CLEARING SPRAY

  • "Monsters Go Away" CLEARING SPRAY

"Monsters Go Away" CLEARING SPRAY



INTRODUCING our “Monsters Go Away" Clearing Spray your trusty companion for banishing bedtime fears and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for you and your little one! 🌙✨

This unique product is designed to create a calming and serene environment, perfect for those who want to keep the icky monsters at bay.

Crafted with natural white sage water & pure sage essential oil, and lavender, this spray is not only effective but also gentle and safe. The white sage water and sage essential oil are known for their purifying properties, helping to cleanse the space of any negative energy. The lavender adds a soothing aroma that promotes relaxation and peace.
What sets our spray apart is its infusion with the energies of rose quartz crystals. Known as the stone of love, rose quartz is believed to emit vibrations of love, peace, and healing. When infused in the spray, it enhances the calming effect, making your space feel safe and harmonious.

Priced at just $22 for a 100ml bottle, the Monsters Go Away Clearing Spray is an affordable solution for a peaceful night’s sleep. Say goodbye to the monsters under the bed with a few spritzes of this magical spray! 🌿💎

Why Choose “Monsters Go Away" Clearing Spray?

Natural and Gentle: Free from harsh chemicals and alcohol, our spray is all natural, kid-friendly and safe for sensitive souls.
Bedtime Ritual: Make spraying part of your nightly routine—a magical ritual that empowers children to face their fears and feel safe.
Energetic Magic: The natural sage energy works wonders! When kids believe in its power, their imagination becomes their ally!
Calming Fragrance: The delightful scent of natural lavender is just gorgeous and calming.
Rose Quartz Energy: The gentle energy of rose quartz crystals provides an extra layer of comfort.

Product Details:


Crafted with care in Australia, our spray combines the power of all natural elements:

White Sage Water: Known for its cleansing properties, white sage water helps dispel negative energy and create a protective aura.
Sage Essential Oil: This aromatic oil enhances the clearing effect, promoting tranquility and balance.
Lavender: Renowned for its calming scent, lavender soothes restless minds and encourages relaxation.
Rose Quartz Crystals: Infused with loving energy, these crystals amplify feelings of safety and comfort.


Simply spritz the room, bedding, closets or even under the bed to create a calming atmosphere and clear and protect the space. Do this with your little ones and assure them that monsters, and icky energies will steer clear.

Remember, monsters dislike the soothing aroma of our spray, so they’ll tiptoe away, leaving only sweet dreams behind. 🌟

Get your “Monsters Go Away" Clearing Spray and bid farewell to bedtime worries! 🛌👻💤