"Spray Away The Day" CLEARING SPRAY

  • "Spray Away The Day" CLEARING SPRAY

"Spray Away The Day" CLEARING SPRAY



Introducing Our White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray:

🌿 Clear Negative Energies: Our clearing spray is meticulously crafted to cleanse residual energies where smoke isn’t suitable, with the powerful magic of white sage. Whether you’ve smudged yourself, a room or your entire house, this spray provides a gentle yet potent clearing effect.
🌸Lavender Infusion: The soothing scent of lavender adds an extra layer of tranquility. It’s like a fragrant hug for your space, inviting calmness and relaxation.
💎Crystal Energy Boost: But wait, there’s more! We’ve infused this spray with the energy of Clear and Rose Quartz crystals. These beautiful stones enhance the clearing qualities and also bring in love, clarity, and a sense of peace. Imagine your space enveloped in their positive vibes.

Product Description:

Experience the harmonizing energy of our White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray. This meticulously crafted blend combines the purifying properties of white sage with the soothing essence of lavender and crystals. Whether you’re refreshing your living space, cleansing your aura, or revitalizing your crystals, this spray is your go-to companion.

Key Features:

Residual Energy Clearing: When smoke isn’t suitable, our spray steps in. It effectively clears lingering energies, leaving your body and environment refreshed and balanced.

Self-Cleansing: After smudging a room or house, use this spray to cleanse yourself of extra stuck yuck. It provides protection and calmness.

Crystal Care: Spritz your crystals to remove any attached energies, enhancing their vibrational purity.

Eco-Friendly: 100% all natural ingredients. Our water-based formulation contains no alcohol or chemical nasties. It’s gentle on you, your space and the planet.

Australian-Made: Crafted right here in Australia, except for the high quality and pure Californian white sage essential oil sourced from the USA.

🌌Why Choose Our Clearing Spray?

No Bad Vibes: Banish negativity and create a harmonious environment.
Holistic Wellness: Align your space with crystal energy and natural ingredients.
Heavenly Energies Approved: Trusted by energy enthusiasts like you.

Directions for Use:

1. Shake well before each use.
2. Close your eyes and spray around your body or living space.
3. Breathe deeply, allowing the calming aroma to envelop you.


Volume: 100ml
Ingredients: White sage water, pure white sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, natural crystals.
Price: $22.00

Embrace the power of nature. Elevate your energy. 🌟

Be the guardian of your sacred space. Let the White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray infuse your surroundings with positive vibes.🌟🌿🔮