Fiddlehead “The Mushroom Cottage” Fairy Home

  • fairy mushroom house in garden
fairy mushroom house in garden fairy mushroom house front view fairy mushroom house front left view fairy mushroom house left side fairy mushroom house back fairy mushroom house front right fairy mushroom house right side

Fiddlehead “The Mushroom Cottage” Fairy Home



This home is definitely one of my favourites, the mushroom cottage is a classic fairy home.

Meticulously detailed with both front and back doors (fixed doors) . It is built on a stone foundation with brickwork feature and chimney, combined with the warm orange roof, to make this a wonderful fairy home.

Fiddlehead houses are very well made with polyresin and are really stunning with intricate details and have lovely paint jobs. They are my favourite faerie houses and the designs are very imaginative and have a lot of attention to detail. Please zoom into the photos to see the quality..


  • Fixed door
  • Beautifully hand painted
  • Fiddlehead - abodes for the discerning fairy

Product Size: 18cm x 13cm x 13cm (approx)

Material: Polyresin

Please note.. This fairy house is not a toy and is only suitable for children 3+ years.