Faery Craft by Emily Carding

  • Faery Craft by Emily Carding
Faery Craft by Emily Carding Faery Craft by Emily Carding

Faery Craft by Emily Carding



Weave the Enchanted Realm of Faeries into Your Life

Working with the Faery realm is not about escaping from reality—it is about engaging with it on every level. Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey unlike anything you’ve ever known!

Faery Craft is a comprehensive guide to the modern Faery lifestyle and an essential handbook to human-faerie relations. Brimming with practical and spiritual advice, you’ll discover how to use Faery magick, create altars, and find a Faery ally.

Learn about proper etiquette, find your unique gifts, use the Faery zodiac, explore Faery festivals around the globe, and much more.

Enjoy nearly 200 beautiful photographs alongside original art, poetry, and meditations, as well as interviews with renowned Faery authors, artists, and musicians. R. J. Stewart, John and Caitlín Matthews, Brian and Wendy Froud, Linda Ravenscroft, S. J. Tucker, and Charles de Lint are all featured in this glittering introduction to the fae and the people who love them.

EMILY CARDING (Cornwall, United Kingdom) is an author, artist, and priestess. An initiate of Alexandrian Wicca and a member of the Starstone Network, Carding has been working with inner world Faery contacts since childhood. She has been trained in techniques of Celtic shamanism and has worked with renowned Faery teachers. A respected and active member of the Faery and tarot communities world wide, Carding's wore has received international recognition.

Praise for Faerie Craft

“This book shows us that to connect with Faery is to connect not only with nature, spirit, and the world around us, but perhaps most of all to ourselves.”—Wendy and Brian Froud, authors of The Heart of Faerie

“Faery Craft opens doors into other worlds and allows its readers to pass though them and experience the wonders beyond . . . This is a tremendous book.”—John Matthews, author of The Sidhe and How To See Faeries

“Carding invites you to find the real power in the woods and forgotten ways.”—Caitlín Matthews, author of Celtic Visions and Singing the Soul Back Home

339 pages

Size: 23 x 19 x 2.5 cm